1969 Camaro – Keeping Top Down During Storage

Over the weekend I decided take our 1969 Camaro RS SS out of storage.  But unfortunately it’s not 100% ready to go.  There’s still a bunch of little things that need to be done to get the car back on the road for the summer.  Having more than one classic car is great, however the downside is making the time to maintain each car.  This one in particular never really got finished from the restoration work we did on it about 5 years ago.  Still on the “to do list” is the installation of a new passenger side mirror, gauges under the dash to monitor the temp and oil pressure, new top and vacuum lines for the vacuum operated hideaway headlights.

1969 Camaro SS 350

Latching a Top that Was Left Down During Storage

This particular car is a convertible, and since the top is not in very good condition we leave it down all the time, even during storage.  I do not recommend that anyone does this by the way.  It is very difficult to get the top back up if it is left down for a long period of time.  If you do leave the top down, when you try to put the top up and latch it to the header bar, the top will seem like it’s too small for the car.  Sometimes what I do in this situation is back off the top hooks to extend them out closer to the header bar.  By doing this you should be able to grab the header bar with the hooks and get the top latched again.  After you get the top latched, take one side off at a time and turn the hook in a few turns and re-latch it again.  Keep doing this until the top fits the way it did before you left it down.

1969 Carmaro top down