Seekonk Car Storage

Located off I-195 in Seekonk, Massachusetts.
10 minutes from Providence Rhode Island and only 45 minutes from Boston.

Premium Car Storage

Ideal for Collector cars & luxury vehicles

  • Trickle charger included
  • Alarm monitored
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • 4 post lifts
  • Climate controlled
  • Humidity monitored

Level II Car Storage

Ideal for regular passenger cars, college students & military personnel

  • Low cost - less than a 10'x20' self storage unit!
  • Trickle charger included
  • Alarm monitored
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Restricted access

A low cost alternative to premium storage provides you with the bare bones essentials, but still maintains important security features like alarm monitoring and 24 hour video surveillance.

Motorcycle Storage

Ideal for winter storage

  • Trickle charge Included

Evidence Storage

Ideal for auto insurance claims, litigation and law enforcement.

  • Burned vehicles
  • Vehicles involved in accidents
  • 5,000 sq/ft inspection area
  • Tools and assistance available

Our 10,000 sq/ft space dedicated to vehicle evidence is equipped with 2 post lifts, secure storage and all the necessary tools needed to perform thorough vehicle inspections. Vehicles at Seekonk Car Storage are stored in an unmarked building at a convenient location off of Interstate 195 in Seekonk, MA Our indoor facility is monitored by a state of the art monitoring system, motion detectors and video surveillance system.


We can arrange to have vehicles transported to and from our facility by a trusted outside transporter who has been handling our personal vehicles for over 10 years.


Vehicles can be sold, parted out, or crushed upon request

Call for pricing 508-336-9393

Vehicle evidence at Seekonk Car Storage is managed and overseen by S.D. Lyons, Inc., our automotive forensics division.